Your Mission: are you ready?

  • You are a DevOps engineer at company Gourmet Inc and you just found out that the DevOps engineer responsible for launching the companies new shopping cart app just left the company. Additionally you find out that this person left you zero documentation and apparently hasn’t configured anything that can be reused for the deployment. You know that if you had time you would stand up a Jenkins server, setup dev/test/prod, get a pipeline going, enable testing, etc —. but you don’t have time.

  • You have heard through a DevOps colleague that Quali can help you get everything you need in the fraction of the time it would take, so you decide to take Quali for a test spin and see how it stacks up.

  • Gourmet Inc management also wants your approach to be applicable to other applications within the company in the future, as well as be compliant to PCI for credit card payment.