Deploy Jenkins Sandbox in Torque

1. In Torque, navigate to the Sandbox Environments page, make sure you are in the Ops-Tools space, and then click New Sandbox” 32_page

2. Select the Jenkins blueprint and click Next 32_page

3. Enter the required parameters: * Sandbox Name: Jenkins_CI * CS_TORQUE_TOKEN: Use the Jenkins token created in a previous steps * SPACE_NAME: Trial * AIM_ROLE: Set the value of the IAMRoleInstanceProfile key provided earlier by AWS * BUCKET_NAME: Use the S3 bucket name you created 32_page

4. Click Launch Sandbox 32_page

5. Once the sandbox deployment is complete, click Open Sandbox

6. In the Sandbox Environments > Summary page, wait until the application is fully deployed, then click its Quick Link


Congratulations! You’ve now automatically deployed an instance of Jenkins that can launch any blueprint configured in Torque! As the Ops team manager of Gourmet Inc, you may also use Torque to manage the new releases of the Jenkins platform as they become available.