As a member of the Ops platform tools team at Gourmet Inc, you will automatically deploy and configure Jenkins using Torque.

NOTE: This step would typically be performed ahead of time. Torque can be used to deploy platform tools and keep them up-to-date with the latest version.\

Your goal in the next few steps is to deploy a new Jenkins instance in AWS EC2 using Torque. This instance will be pre-configured with a sample pipeline job that can be used to automatically deploy the promotion manager application.

Complete information about this setup is available in the Readme file of the Github repository.

In order to deploy Jenkins from Torque, you will first create a new “Space” that will model the Ops platform team workspace. You will then generate a couple of input parameters required for Jenkins to work in the context of your promotion manager application and Torque: a IAM role to upload your artifacts to the S3 repo, and a token that allows Jenkins to run the Torque REST API.