Create and Configure a new “Ops-Tools” space in Torque

In the next few steps, you will create and configure a new “space” in Torque. A space is a way to provide a specific team with access to the resources they need. It is part of the proper governance practices a company like Gourmet Inc wants to enforce. In our scenario, we are creating a space for the Platform Ops team to deploy and manage tools like Jenkins.

1.Go to the Administration area. 06_page

2.Click Spaces on the left and create a new Ops-Tools space. 06_page

You will use this space to manage Ops platforms such as Jenkins. 06_page

3.To add your AWS cloud account to the Ops-Tools space, click Cloud Accounts on the left.

4.Manage the existing AWS cloud account. 06_page

5.Select the Ops-Tools space. 09_page1 It should look like this: 09_page2 6.To verify, return to the Ops-Tools space by clicking the Back to My Space link in the top left of the page, click Settings and then select the Cloud Accounts tab. 09_page3