Create an S3 role using a Cloud Formation template

In the next few steps, you will create an S3 role that will give Jenkins permission to upload the promotion manager application build to the artifact repository you created in module 1. The role value will be used as an input to the Jenkins Sandbox deployment. Once Jenkins is deployed, it will use this role as a parameter of the pipeline jobs that you will run (see Deploy a Sandbox from Jenkins step in module 3).

1. Navigate to Services > Cloud Formation to create an AWS infrastructure stack. 27_page 2. Upload the “s3_bucket_access.template” template file provided in the workshop Git repo (jenkins directory). 27_page 3. Enter a name for the stack and specify the S3 bucket name as an input parameter. 27_page 4. Follow the Next screens until you get to the stack creation button (checkbox at the bottom). 27_page 5. The S3 role is now created. Save the value. You will specify this role as an input for your Jenkins sandbox. 27_page