Deploy a Sandbox from a sample blueprint

In this step, you will deploy a sandbox from the sample blueprint repository. This will enable you to test your setup and get familiar with the Torque UI. As a reminder, a sandbox is a temporary environment that is automatically terminated once its time expires (ephemeral).

1. Open the Sandbox Environments page and click New Sandbox. 06_page 2. Select a blueprint from the sample blueprint catalog and click Next: Set Parameters. The Dev & Test Environment deploys a simple JavaSpring website with a backend mySQL database. 06_page 3. Fill in the required parameters. In this case, only the Sandbox Name is required. 06_page Your new sandbox is being deployed on AWS. Note that this sample sandbox is deployed in the eu-west-1 region. 06_page 4. Once your sandbox is deployed, you can browse the different tabs: Summary, Applications, Infrastructure to check that all the components have been deployed. You can also select the Quick link from the Summary tab to directly access the JavaSpring website UI from the browser. You will explore more of the sandbox features in Module 2. 06_page 5. When you’re done, click on End to manually terminate the sandbox, or let its time expire. Note: You will not use this sandbox for the rest of the workshop. 06_page